PA 8 - Competitiveness of Enterprises

Priority Area (PA) ‘Competitiveness of Enterprises’ has the mission to support the competitiveness of enterprises, including cluster development.

The Priority Area formulates the following objectives:

·      To support and improve the competitiveness of the Danube Region by generating concrete technology offers, technology requests and expressions of interest in the field of innovation and technology transfer

·      To improve policy dialogue and public governance in innovation and technology transfer by promoting adequate policies and policy papers

·      To improve digital skills of entrepreneurs

·      To establish Trans-Danube Digital Value Chains based on transnational Open Data Lakes

·      To improve know-how transfer about Digital Innovations to local small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)

·      To identify a level of development and ambitions of the domain artificial intelligence in the individual Danube countries/regions, contribution to the smooth fit of the respective strengths and identification of potential flagship applications for the region

·      Mapping and evaluation process/benchmarking of the state of the art in terms of the level and quality of the collaboration of the clusters with the regional development stakeholders

·      Fostering the development of methods of the regional strategies by more intense involvement of the cluster representatives in the process. The main aim is to improve the current system and to overcome the current gap between regional strategies and cluster strategies, especially in terms of S3 implementation

·      To improve the innovation capacity of female SMEs

·      Foster cooperation and continuous discussion between national/regional policy level and SMEs regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) / how to integrate national/regional AI platforms.

The PA 8 set up 5 working groups to support the implementation:

The PA 8 is coordinated by Croatia and Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany).

Read more about the PA 8 on their website.