PA 7 - Knowledge Society

Priority Area (PA) ‘Knowledge society’ has the mission to develop the knowledge society through research, education and information technologies.

The Priority Area formulates the following objectives:

·      To support education, research and ICT in the Danube Region by improvement of framework conditions for building a knowledge society

·      To contribute to an increasing level and quality of network activities, strengthening the existing links and fostering new cooperation in the Danube Region

·      To strengthen the realization of the European Research Area in the Danube Region

·      To revert brain drain and foster brain circulation

·      To further implement Smart Specialization Strategies in all Danube countries.

The PA 7 set up 5 working groups to support the implementation:

  • WG 2: Information and Communication Technologies
  • WG 3: Newly established Danube Funding Coordination Network (DFCN)
  • WG 4: Communication with Joint Research Centre with special emphasize on RIS3

The PA 7 is coordinated by Slovakia and Serbia.

Read more about the PA 7 on their website.