Pillar 3 - Building prosperity

This pillar contributes substantially to achieving the European Cohesion Policy objectives.

Specifically, it contributes to

·     A smarter Europe by improving a knowledge society, supporting research and the development of information technologies (PA 7), increasing competitiveness of enterprises  and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (PA 8), and supporting education and skills development (PA 9).

·     A more social Europe by focusing on policies and actions in the fields of education and training, labour market, and marginalised communities (PA 9),

·     A Europe closer to the citizens by supporting an integrated approach across the PAs and through projects.

Further this pillar is crucial in supporting two new strategic objectives of the EUSDR:

·     Establishing and enforcing Knowledge Society, stimulating the Economy and fight Poverty

·      Enhancing Democracy, sound Administration and strong Involvement of Civil Society and Youth