PA 6 - Biodiversity & Landscapes

Priority Area (PA) ‘Biodiversity and Landscapes, Quality of Air and Soils’ aims to support project developments that support the development of biodiversity, flora and fauna and natural landscapes.

The Priority Area formulates the following objectives:

·      Improve management of Natura 2000 sites and other protected areas through transnational cooperation and capacity building.

·      Strengthen the efforts to halt the deterioration in the status of species and habitats occurring in the Danube Region and covered by EU nature legislation and in particular to continue the ongoing work and efforts to securing viable populations of Danube sturgeon species.

·      Reduce the introductions and spread of Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in the Danube Region

·      Maintain and restore Green and Blue Infrastructure elements through integrated spatial development and conservation planning.

·      To improve and/or maintain the soil quality in the Danube Region.

·      To decrease air pollution in the Danube Region.

The PA 6 is coordinated by Croatia and Bavaria (Germany).

Read more about the PA 6 on their website.

In addition to the indicators provided here the JRC Luisa page provides further information on share of green infrastructure.