PA 4 - Water Quality

Priority Area (PA) ‘Water Quality’ has four main areas to follow during its work: First, PA4 makes important steps to achieve the management objectives set out in the Danube River Basin Management Plan. Second, PA4 aims to reduce the nutrient levels in the Danube River to allow the recovery of the Black Sea ecosystems to conditions similar to 1960s. Third, PA4 elaborates a Danube Delta Analysis Report as a step towards completion of the Delta management Plan. And fourth Secure viable populations of Danube sturgeon species.

The Priority Area formulates the following objectives:

·      Contribute to preventing and reducing water pollution from point and diffuse sources in the Danube Region, especially related to organic substances, nutrients, hazardous and emerging substances inter alia by enhancing waste water treatment and by promoting best management practices

·      Contribute to protecting water resources and safeguarding drinking water supply

·      Enhance conservation measures of Danube migratory fish species

·      Enhance climate change adaptation measures related to water quality

·       Assist in elaborating / implementing sub-basin management plans, such as Sava, Tisza and Prut sub-basins as well as a Danube Delta management plan

The ICPDR is an important partner of PA 4, and hosts the Danube GIS. It is an online platform with numerous indicators that are regularly updated. For further information see the webpage:


The PA 4 is coordinated by Slovak Republic and Hungary.

Read more about the PA 4 on their website.