PA 3 - Culture & Tourism

Priority Area (PA) ‘Culture and Tourism’ has the mission to promote culture, tourism and people to people contacts, by supporting three focus areas (1) sustainable tourism (2) science, research and new technologies in culture and tourism as  well as (3) valorising, promoting and protecting the cultural heritage:

The Priority Area formulates the following objectives:

·       Develop sustainable forms of tourism, including green tourist products and sustainable mobility solutions along the Danube Region;

·       To ensure the sustainable preservation, conservation, socialization and contemporary interpretation of cultural heritage and natural values;

·       Support the implementation of a harmonised monitoring system dedicated to sustainable tourism and cultural/natural heritage, able to provide comparable statistical data in the Danube Region;

·       Promote the exchange of practices and networking in the field of a.) Arts incl. contemporary arts b.) Support the creation of linkages and synergies between the cultural and creative sectors and the tourism sector;

·       III. Valorising, promoting and protecting the cultural heritage

·       Establish the Danube Region as important European tourist destination and further develop and strengthen the Danube Brand for the entire Danube Region;

·       Establish the Danube as a transnational multicultural treasury cultural and natural travel route;

·       To create a ‘Blue Book’ on Danube cultural identity/Build on cultural diversity and heritage as the strength of the Danube Region both for the well-being of the local inhabitants and as tourism resources; and for promoting and preserving cultural identity of local communities along the Danube;

·       Promote the development of quality products, infrastructure and innovative forms of tourism and culture by SMEs and public private partnerships;

·       Promote skilled labour workforce, education and skills development in the areas of tourism and culture for sustainable jobs in the region

The PA 3 is coordinated by Rumania and Bulgaria.

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