PA 2 - Sustainable Energy

Priority Area (PA) ‘Sustainable Energy’ has the mission to encourage more sustainable energy by promoting energy efficiency measures, renewable energy, developing smart energy systems, grids and storage at local level.

The Priority Area formulates the following objectives:

·       To help achieve national targets based on the Europe 2030 climate and energy targets

·       To remove existing bottlenecks in energy to fulfil the goals of the Energy Union within the Danube Region

·       To better interconnect regions by joint activities with relevant initiatives and institutions

The EUSDR therefore contributes to the EU Energy and Climate policy framework for 2030. It established ambitious EU commitments to make further greenhouse gas reductions (of 40%) in line with the cost-effective pathway described in the 2050 roadmap, for the share of renewable energy consumed (at least 32%) and saving at least 32,5% energy by 2030 at EU level compared to 2007 baseline projections. In line with the Governance of the Energy Union regulation, the Member States prepared their National Energy and Climate Plans (NECP) to be regularly assessed.

The PA 2 is coordinated by Czech Republic and Hungary.

Read more about the PA 2 Energy on their website.