PA 1B - Rail-Road-Air Mobility

Priority Area (PA) ‘Rail-Road-Air Mobility’ has the mission to improve mobility and multimodality in the rail, road and air transport, and to develop a sustainable, climate-resilient, intelligent secure and intermodal TEN-T.

The Priority Area formulates the following objectives:

·      Support efficient freight railway services and improve travel times for competitive passenger railway connections between major cities in the Danube Region by 2030

·      Support fully functional multi-modal TEN-T Core Network Corridors by 2030

·      Support the development of efficient multimodal terminals at sea, river and dry ports in the Danube Region and ensure their connectivity and access through integration of all modes of transport and efficient logistics services by 2030

·      Support improvement of the regional air connectivity and implementation of the Single European Sky initiative

·      Facilitate improvement of secondary and tertiary roads in the Danube Region

·       Support safe and sustainable transport and mobility in the Danube Region.

The PA 1b is coordinated by Serbia and Slovenia.

Read more about the PA 1b Transport on their website.