PA Culture

Policy Area (PA) ‘Culture’ focuses on culture and creative sectors and industries in the Baltic Sea region.

The Baltic Sea region has an outstandingly diverse and attractive cultural life and a cultural heritage of great value. Bringing together the different cultural expressions and competences of the region increases the economic and cultural prosperity and profiles the Baltic Sea region as an attractive place to live, work and spend holidays. Being at the crossroads between arts, business and technology, the cultural and creative sectors are in a strategic position to trigger spill-overs and innovation in other sectors (such as regional development, education, tourism, regeneration of urban environment or remaking of sites and milieus)

The Policy Area formulates the following goals:

o   Strengthening the cultural identity of the Baltic Sea region as an important factor for the cohesion of the region

o   Raising awareness for the Baltic Sea region as an innovative, culturally diverse and attractive place to live

o   Promotion of Baltic Sea region cultural and creative industries (CCI).

o   Promoting creative entrepreneurship within the Baltic Sea region.

o   Preserving the Baltic Sea region cultural heritage across borders.

o   Efficient framework of Baltic Sea region cultural cooperation.

PA Culture is coordinated by Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) and Poland.

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