PA Tourism

Policy Area (PA) ‘Tourism’ aims at reinforcing cohesiveness of the macro-region through tourism.

The overall aim of policy area ‘Tourism’ is to develop the Baltic Sea region as a common tourism destination.

The PA sets itself the following targets:

1.     first step is to find areas of mutual interests within existing national tourism strategies as a basis to work on for future targets. Second: aspects of the future European Tourism Strategy (in process) should be considered;

2.     establish a well working network of stakeholders on public and private sector; design tourism products and services for the Baltic Sea region as a coherent destination;

3.     increase the number of jointly developed tourism strategy and policy documents focusing on more specific aspects of tourism in the Baltic Sea region.

PA Tourism actions include facilitating networking and clustering of tourism stakeholders for example by strengthening the Baltic Sea Tourism Forum Process and promoting the establishment of a Baltic Sea Tourism Center. PA Tourism also aims at mobilising the full potential for sustainable tourism of the Baltic Sea region by facilitating coordination with stakeholders through joint workshops and by stepping up communication.

PA Tourism is coordinated by Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany).

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