PA Ship

The objective of Policy Area (PA) ‘Ship’ is for the Baltic Sea region to become a model region for clean shipping.

Shipping is a very effective mode of transport when measured in emissions per tonnes of cargo; however, maritime transport can still have negative effects on the environment through e.g. emissions to the air and the sea. In the Baltic Sea region, there are at any given moment, more than 2000 ships operating in the Baltic Sea. Both the number and the size of vessels is predicted to increase further in the years to come. In building on new technologies the Baltic Sea Region aims to build on its potential for growth by enabling a transition towards greener and cleaner shipping in the Baltic Sea region. The goal is to turn the required transition to cleaner shipping into a positive business opportunity while boosting green and blue growth in the region. The maritime industry in the region has the opportunity to be first-movers within clean maritime transport in terms of e.g. availability of alternative fuels, provision of green port facilities and introduction of smart solutions for efficient shipping.

Countries in the Baltic Sea region need to act jointly to minimise ship-based pollution, while maximising the positive impact of maritime transport on the region. PA Ship actions include creating infrastructure for alternative fuels in the Baltic Sea region, as well as supporting measures that reduce emissions from ships, such as technical installations or issues of enforcement of environmental regulation for ships operating in the Baltic Sea.

PA Ship is coordinated by Denmark.

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