Horizontal actions

The EUSBRS addresses four Horizontal Actions focusing on spatial planning, neighbours, capacity development and climate change. Horizontal Actions are in its governance setting specific to the EUSBRS (for an overview of the different MRS governance and a glossary see here. Horizontal Action Coordinators and Focal Points help to coordinate projects that touch upon various thematic policy areas, facilitate involvement of and cooperation with relevant stakeholders from the entire macro-region, as well as to support coordination in Member States.

With its integrated approach the EUSBRS directly contributes to the the European Cohesion Policy objectives:

·     A smarter Europe by focussing on capacity building,

·     A greener Europe by fighting climate change and planning for a sustainable Baltic Sea Region,

·     A more connected Europe by providing a joint spatial strategy and vision,

·     A more social Europe by cooperating with neighbours and supporting capacity building,

·     A Europe closer to the citizens by providing an integrated territorial perspective.

VASAB is of particular importance in the field of Spatial Planning.