Action Group 7: To develop ecological connectivity in the whole EUSALP territory

Action Group 7 focuses on developing ecological connectivity and thus to strengthen, improve and restore biodiversity, as well as ecosystem services. Its implementation will increase the degree of connection between natural and semi-natural landscapes in the entire EUSALP territory.

The Action Group has the following objectives:

  • ·         To identify Alpine Green Infrastructure (GI) elements of transnational relevance, improve governance approaches and explore funding opportunities.
  • ·         To promote the various benefits of GI as complementary solutions to Grey Infrastructure and bring GI onto the political agenda of the Alpine Region.
  • ·         To trigger tangible implementation initiatives and liaise with implementation partners from all relevant sectors to make GI visible and close gaps in the trans-European “matrix for life”.
  • ·         To allow the benefits of ecological connectivity to emerge at ecosystem and societal dimensions, enhancing resilience to threats such as climate change.
  • ·         To develop solutions to halt biodiversity loss and address challenges such as missing connections between natural areas and homogeneous and impoverished lowlands.