Policy area 3 - Environment and energy

Ensuring sustainability in the Alps: preserving the Alpine heritage and promoting a sustainable use of natural and cultural resources

One of the main features of the Alpine Region is its outstanding natural and cultural heritage. Natural resources, and strong and diverse cultural life are major assets of this region.

However, use of natural resources, and exploitation of their potential need to be carried out in an environmentally friendly way.

At the same time, climate change could particularly affect the Alpine Region in terms of availability of resources and threats to population. Joint Regional responses are necessary to establish efficient management systems. Four Action Groups (AGs) operate within the 3rd Thematic Policy Area to reach these objectives.

This Policy Area contributes substantially to achieving the European Cohesion Policy objectives.

Specifically, it contributes to

ยท     A greener Europe by preserving natural and cultural resources (AG 6), developing green corridors (AG 7), improving the risk governance and managing climate change (AG8), as well as to support energy effiency and renewable energy in the Alps (AG 9).