Policy area 1 - Growth and innovation

Fostering sustainable growth and promoting innovation in the Alps

The Alpine Region constitutes the largest European economic and productive hub, with a high potential for development. However, lack of economic, social and territorial cohesion is still an issue. Mountains constitute a challenge to homogenous development, entrenching disparities among different territories in the Alpine Region. For instance, access to social services as well as economic services of general interest still remains quite difficult in rural areas at the core of the Alps, while surrounding urban areas evolve in a contrary direction.

To bridge these gaps, and improve cohesion, this Strategy therefore aims to support innovative economic development in the Alpine Region. Innovative approaches shall strengthen the sustainability of the region, while taking into account the diversity/specificities of Alpine territories. The main priorities of this Thematic Policy Area are covered by three Action Groups (AGs).

This Policy Area contributes substantially to achieving the European Cohesion Policy objectives.

Specifically, it contributes to

·     A smarter Europe by fostering research and innovations (AG 1) and by increasing the economic potential (AG 2)

·     A more social Europe by focusing on policies and actions in the fields of education and training, labour market and skills development (AG 3),

·     A Europe closer to the citizens by supporting an integrated approach across the AGs and through projects.