Pillar 2 - Connecting the region

This pillar contributes substantially to achieving the European Cohesion Policy objectives.

Specifically, it contributes to

·     A greener Europe by supporting sustainable energy and transport (Topic 1, 2 and 3),

·     A more connected Europe by improving intermodality (Topic 3) and a modernisation of maritime transport  (Topic 2).

The macro-region is facing huge infrastructure disparities, notably between 'old' EU Member States and the other countries, following years of isolation and conflict. Pillar 2 aims at improving the connectivity within the region and with the rest of Europe. This requires coordination of infrastructure works and operation of transport and energy systems.

The Pillar aims to reach the following objectives:

·         To strengthen maritime safety and security and develop a competitive regional intermodal port system.

·         To develop reliable transport networks and intermodal connections with the hinterland, both for freight and passengers.

·         To achieve a well-interconnected and well-functioning internal energy market supporting the three energy policy objectives of the EU – competitiveness, security of supply and sustainability.

These objectives are covered by three topics: