Topic 1 – The marine environment

Two issues can be identified as particularly relevant for the Adriatic-Ionian marine environment, namely threats to coastal and marine biodiversity and pollution of the sea.

a) Threat to coastal and marine biodiversity

Increased human use of the marine and coastal space, in particular for fishing, maritime transport, tourism, and construction, has intensified pressures on coastal and marine ecosystems. Ecosystem-based approach to coordination of activities is needed within the framework of Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) and Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) in order to ensure sustainable use of resources.

b) Pollution of the sea

Pollution of the sea originates from a number of different sources. . In addition to entailing significant costs to shipping, marine litter affects human safety and health, as well as marine wildlife, and it also has an aesthetic impact. It a key objective to systematically improve the litter management and to reduce the quantitities.