MRS in a more connected Europe

Cohesion policy objective No. 3 for the funding period 2021-2027 aims at fostering better mobility, strategic transport and digital networks in particular through regional ICT connectivity. It supports innovative and smart economic transformation in Europe by supporting digitisation and small and medium-sized business.

This policy objective  is closely linked to the political priority of the Van der Leyen Commission “A Europe fit for the digital age”. In the funding period 2014-2020 digital connectivity as well as transport represent major investment areas. This objective has also been, and will be, supported through the Connecting Europe Facility aiming at closing gaps in European networks (transport, ICT, energy).

Macro-regional strategies contribute to this goal  through the priority areas/policy areas and topics that aim at promoting transport and energy. The new Danube Region’s Action Plan outlines digitalisation and connectivity as a horizontal goal. Further, almost all priority areas have projects that build on good ICT connectivity and support digitisation with different sectorial activities.